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Product Management / Product Design
USPS reached out to Fjord in search of solution to address prolonged service handle-time for single package lookup requests. I served as the design lead, responsible for activities and outputs across discovery, solution definition and design. I had the support of an account lead, a project manager, an art director, and a team of 3 product designers of varying skillsets and expertise.
The Opportunity
Requests for tracking lost or missing packages amount to 40% of the average business customer rep's workload, and serves as a major contributing factor to commercial customer revenue churn in the service offering; that's not to mention end customer frustration.
• Stakeholder Interviews
• Primary Research

• Problem Definition
• Solution Definition
• Product Backlog
• Content Architecture

• Interface Design
• Software Prototype
Design Lead
Account Lead
Project Manager
Art Director
Product Designers (3)
Key Insights and Core Challenges
After 2 days of embedded observation we found that agents exhibited tremendous dedication towards their cases, but were inhibited by the lack of a dedicated tool for information lookup and case management.
Agents had to scavenge for information across a number different tools and systems — each of which were originally intended for other purposes.
Knowledge and expertise varied from agent to agent based on their background within the organization — resulting in variances in efficiency and effectivenss across cases.
While cases often required frequent follow-up with units supervisors and customers, case management was largely performed in the agent's head.
Engagement took shape across 12 weeks, with the first 6 weeks focused on discovery and definition. Design took shape across 6 weeks involving structured ideation, collaborative sketching, and a staggered collaborative workflow against a Kanban punchlist.
Our Solution
To address the challenges facing frontline business customer service agents, we developed a dedicated case management tool for missing package lookup centered around proactive case monitoring, aggregated case intelligence and templated correspondance.

Our work resulted in the decrease of case handle-time by 56% in average days to final resolution.
Through a case listings page, agents can now monitor incoming package lookup requests and receive ongoing updates relating to open cases.

Agents are provided alerts and notifications for updates impacting case status or actions requiring followup.
Case detail pages serve to aggregate all relevant mailpiece data required for resolving single package lookup cases.

Agents are provided intelligent delivery diagnostics based on package transit and delivery information.
Rather than having to switch between dedicated clients for case correspondence, information lookup and case documentation —all these functions accessible within the service CRM with native dedicated workflows.

Agents are about to streamline workflows through templated messaging for internal and client correspondence.
To better communicate the value of our proposed solution, we developed a visualization illustrating the potential time saved across a typical customer service scenario, along with the product features helping contribute to process efficiencies.
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