St. Regis The New Grand Tour

Art Direction / Microsite (2012)
In 2012, St. Regis engaged in a campaign promoting the introduction of 4 new properties to its portfolio of luxury hotels, calling back to the emergence of global travel among the Aristocrats of the 18th century. Bond Strategy and Influence was responsible for the microsite released in conjunction with the campaign. I was responsible for art direction, page layout and visual design for the site.
Site of the time, demonstrated a more bounded aesthetic — with images and site content bounded within rigid frames. Grid systems for websites back then were also not as mature as we commonly encounter them today; Looking at that detail page, the bottom right-hand side feels almost embarrassingly unresolved.

Revisiting this in 2018, I might explore layouts that emphasize edge-to-edge full bleed use of visuals. Setting the site against a more formal grid system would be a must — perhaps one that followed a classically symmetrical arrangement.
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